Bouquet sculpture

Role: Collaborative design and project management of ‘Bouquet’ gladioli sculpture with Mark Neilsen.

Client: Arts Centre Melbourne, 2012.

Arts Centre Melbourne commissioned this 13 metre high temporary sculpture of a bunch of gladioli to celebrate the re-opening of Hamer Hall. Hatchling Studio collaborated with Mark Neilsen to create this vibrant, theatrical work referencing Dame Edna’s penchant for ‘gladdies’.

Vivid, joyful and extremely pink, ‘Bouquet’ received a rapturous public response, with many people calling for it to be a permanent fixture.

Opened by Sir Barry Humphries

1BouquetDSimmons(327x499)2Bouquet(800x600)3ABouquetSidD-R (534x800)3BBouquetSidDR (220x800)3Bouquet(800x600)4Bouquet(800x600)5Bouquet(800x600)6Bouquet (600x800)8Bouquet DSimmons (760x506)9Bouquet(600x800)10BouquetDavidSimmons (214x320)11Bouquet_Lucy Webster (214x320)12BouquetDSimmons (760x506)13 Bouquet(532x800)