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Older projects

Below is a short summary of the some of the older projects Hatchling Studio has been involved in. For more information on a specific project, please get in touch. 


Client: Moorabool Council, Victoria

Opened: 2011

The three art elements introduced to this site help to transform the former high school into a centre for local council services. Organic forms and imagery in the seating, mosaic and wall panels soften and enliven the otherwise bleak environment dominated by brick and concrete.This project was won through competitive public tender.

World Heritage Exhibition Centre

Client: Royal Botanic Garden Mt Tomah, National Parks Service NSW

Opened: 2010

The World Heritage Exhibition Centre at Mount Tomah Botanic Garden interprets the vast Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area that traverses diverse landscapes of 8 national parks. Through stylised natural forms, large scale photography and a short film, the exhibition showcases the area’s unique species and dramatic landscapes.
This project was won through competitive public tender.

Lifecycles Fence Artwork

Client: LaTrobe Community Health Service

Opened: 2010

Designed to enclose the outdoor area of the Health Centre, we sought to create a calming design that would provide security and privacy without blocking all light and creating an imposing presence. Incorporating water imagery in its layered design, the fence artwork references the local river as a site of tranquility and a source of regeneration.

Plants Through Time

Client: Mt Annan Botanic Garden

Opened: 2010

This series of 15 panels over 36 metres is a timeline of the evolution of plants since the earth was formed. Part of the Connections garden at Mount Annan Botanic Garden NSW, the timeline traces the evolution of plants from the beginning of life on earth to modern flowering plants.

Graphics by Biggie Spiro.

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