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Older Research

Below is a short summary of my past research. To keep up to date with my published works please follow my Academia page. 

Interpretation Design: think:feel:do

Full text: 

Publication: XDmagazine

Year: 2014

I co-authored this article with Regan Forrest. Through completely separate research and practice, Regan and I both formed the same think:feel:do model of visitor experience. The article explains how we each came to the model and its basis in theory and practice.


MONA Review

Full text: 

Publication: Exhibitionist 32, no. 1

Year: 2013

The National Association for Museum Exhibition invited me to review the MONA museum in Hobart as part of their issue on revisiting meaning making. With its multiple interpretations of each artwork and personalised modes of interpretation through the O (iphone) device, MONA certainly emphasises individual over shared meaning making.


Navigating a Sea of Challanges

Full text: 

Publication: Interpreting Australia Issue 46

Year: 2012

The article presents three key challenges facing interpretation design practitioners and makes recommendations about how practitioners might navigate them.

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