Wall panels

These decorative panels are inspired by lace doilies, textiles and wallpaper patterns, yet produced using industrial processes.

The panels can be used in the garden as a trellis for climbing plants, to separate outdoor areas, as screens to hide unsightly areas or to add impact to a plain fence. They can also be used as fence extensions or window screens to create privacy from the neighbours.

Panels are made to order, and can be manufactured from a range of materials, including: acrylic sheet, steel, aluminium and plywood. 
Prices vary depending on materials, size, design and finish. All designs can be scaled to a suitable size for your space.

You can have a panel custom-designed to suit your space, style and purpose. A further design fee is charged for commissioned pieces.

1panel1 (513x772) 2panel2 (513x772) 3panel3 (490x696)