Hatchling Studio and collaborating artists and designers have undertaken numerous significant sculptural and interpretive works, often won through competitive public tender. My role spans interpretation planning and design, content development, design and project management.

Interpretation is not just about telling stories or providing information. The way we interpret our natural, cultural, technological and personal histories influences our experience of the present and speculation about the future. This demands a thoughtful, rigorous process combined with a creative, playful attitude, which I apply to all interpretation planning and development, no matter what the subject matter or form of the project.

By engaging audiences through cognitive (thinking), sensory (feeling) and active (doing) modes, we inspire connection with a place or subject. Through these multiple modes of engagement, we can provoke powerful and memorable experiences.

Combining current interpretation and museums research with practical experience and a thoughtful approach, Hatchling Studio’s services include: interpretation planning, content development, multi-form interpretation design, public art and memorial design, preparation of design briefs, interpretation research, community consultation and project management.