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The Hatchling Studio shop is now open. I have put up some ceramics and more are on the way, so make sure to visit regularly. You can link to my Big Cartel shop directly here or via the studio ceramics page.

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Mint project Highly Commended in the MAGNAs!

The Royal Australian Mint Factory Viewing Gallery project was Highly Commended in the Museum and Gallery National Awards (MAGNAs) this month. It is wonderful to get this recognition for all the hard work that went into the project. Thanks to all involved.

More about the project here and here.

Factory Viewing Gallery shortlisted for the MAGNA awards

I’m very excited to announce that the Factory Viewing Gallery project I’ve been working on at the Royal Australian Mint has been short-listed for a Museums and Galleries National Awards (MAGNAs) in the  Permanent Exhibition or Gallery Fitout category. We  have  our fingers crossed but we are up against stiff competition such as the War Memorial and the Shrine of Remembrance.

Although the gallery has been open to the public since January,  it  was  official launched by MP Peter Hendy on April 29th. The event even featured in the Citynews social pages! I was very pleased to speak at the launch about the strategic planning behind the exhibition and the design and development of the touch screen content. The key challenges in the project were: to activate the space for visitors,  to make the complex process of making coins coherent for visitors and to make often hidden activities and technologies in the factory visible to the public. The colour coded train-map diagram, touch-screens and video content achieve these goals, together with the vibrant, contemporary gallery environment. Click here for a more detailed description of the project.

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It was a pleasure working with Whitecube, Icelab and staff at all levels of the Mint who contributed to the project. Thanks in particular the exceptional  leadership of the Mint’s Tourism Engagement and Experience Manager, Imelda Dover.


Hatchling Ceramics

I have glazed the first batch of (about 80) porcelain bottles and other vessels. The results are fantastic!

DSC_0923 (800x532) DSC_0935 (800x533) DSC_0901 (800x537) DSC_0909 (800x536) DSC_0912 (800x535) DSC_0945 (800x509)

Read more about them here.


Royal Australian Mint – new Factory Viewing Area open to the public

It’s very exciting to see that the Mint’s new Factory Viewing area has been installed and is now open to the public. We have been developing the exhibition for a while now and it’s fantastic to see it come to life!

I have not yet had a chance to visit but have some photos from the team at the Mint.

The factory viewing area enables visitors to look down onto different areas of the factory, but the old exhibition did not really explain what visitors were seeing. There was a lot of machinery but the process was not clear. The new interpretive space is designed around a diagram I developed to explain the coin making process. The train map style diagram is a simple tool for illustrating the major stages and the detail within each stage of manufacture.

20150119_135036 20150119_135144

The new exhibits and colour-coded displays we have developed offer visitors a range of information and activities to get an understanding of how coins are made at the Mint.

Of course in real life the process is more complex, with many more variables, but I think we have achieved a good balance between detail and making it accessible to non-experts.


The touch screens have been developed to enable visitors to click on a piece of equipment in the factory and then watch a short video of how it works. We fixed a go-pro inside some machines so you can actually see the internal action.

20150116_111546 20150116_111623


Feedback from visitors has so far been extremely positive, so I’m looking forward to seeing it in person and observing how visitors use the space and the interactives.

The Mint team is wonderful to work with and I hope we can  continue developing the Australian history gallery in the near future. We’ve made a start with the decimal currency touch screen that features a shopping game and other audio-visual content.

My role: masterplanning and concept design with whitecube, interpretation planning, process diagram design, research and text development, management of touch screen design.

Project collaborators:
Exhibition design: whitecube
Graphic design: Fig design
Touch screen development: Icelab
Filming: ByGeorge