September 2018

Tiger Trek takes out top award

Taronga Zoo’s Tiger Trek has won Interpretation Australia’s top award.  The new precinct, which opened in 2017,  is a huge project in scale and ambition.

The precinct interprets the Sumatran Tigers by creating the Way Kambas National Park setting. One of the precinct’s main aims is to raise visitor awareness of the impact that unsustainable palm oil plantations are having on tiger habitat. Visitors exit the precinct through the Choicemart kiosk, where they can actively engage with the palm oil issue.

Photo by Toni Roberts
Photo by Toni Roberts
Tiger trek kiosk

Visitors engage with the supermarket kiosk which displays real products in a virtual context. As visitors shop, they discover the sustainability rating of the product and are invited to email the company that produces it to congratulate them for using sustainable palm oil or encourage them to do so.

Dr Toni Roberts contributed to the success of the Choicemart Supermarket kiosk experience within the precinct by undertaking formative user testing of this digital interactive at prototype stage, which led to significant improvements in its design. The research identified the barriers to visitors engaging with the interactive display and factors that limited the length of time they participated in the activity. This led to improvement that increased the level of understanding, engagement and number of emails sent.

In the 12 months that the precinct has been open, visitors have sent over 66,000 emails to suppliers of everyday consumer items. This element of the Tiger Trek precinct not only raises consumer awareness, but also turns visitors into activists.

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Design team:
Tiger Trek intepretation design by Motherworks
Choicemart Kiosk design by Specialist Apps
Graphics by Nuttshell
Multimedia by Art of Multimedia